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"Bee" Inspired this Holiday Season!

Family recipes are a treasure to be shared from one generation to another.
With ButterBee's Thankful for Pollinators Recipe Cards you can honor your family's traditions, and acknowledge the powerful pollinators that brought the tasty treats to your table. 
Create a family heirloom or a class collection to be shared and enjoyed!
Click Below to Print, Share or Use them Digitally!


Every day is the perfect day to spread kindness! Let ButterBee help inspire daily acts of Bee-U-Tiful kindness with our month-long challenge. Each day take part in a different activity that encourages compassion for yourself, your community, and the pollinators we rely on. 
Share the challenges with your friends or complete them as a class to multiply the fun!

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Pollinator Education for Grades PreK-12

Kids that grow up with a strong connection to the environment are more likely to value and protect the valuable natural resources we rely on.

Unfortunately, there are a wide variety of obstacles that can limit the access a child has to the natural world.

The Good News is YOU CAN HELP!

Our mission is to eliminate these barriers and provide learners of all ages and backgrounds with equitable access to high-quality environmental STEM. 

Educating all learners on the importance of our ecosystems powerful pollinators, and empowering them with the tools to take action!

Take a look at the unique experiences ButterBee has to offer...

Explore Our
Standards-Based Materials
Every Grade Level

Creating a generation of environmental stewards starts from the ground up! 

This is why we offer cross-curricular content for students in grades PreK-12.

Our materials align with the Next Generation Science Standards, The Common Core, and seamlessly integrate with your current classroom curriculum. 

Designed by certified teachers with more than 20 years of experience, our lessons engage students of all learning styles with hands-on STEM and stewardship.

Start Your Students' Pollinator Journey Today!

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