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Pollinator Spot Habitat Projects

Healthy habitat is vital for the survival of the powerful pollinators we rely on.

As our modern world changes, the natural habitat of many pollinators is being threatened.

Fortunately, whether you are located in a rural or urban setting,
YOU can help create a space where pollinators thrive(and you will enjoy it too)!

Do you need acres of land to create a Pollinator Spot Habitat?

No! Pollinator Spot Habitats can be as large or small as your space allows
(container gardens and window garden work too).

Are all Pollinator Spot Habitats the same?

Each Pollinator Spot Habitat is customized to suit your needs and interests. All habitats incorporate a variety of native plants, suitable to your climate. Habitats can be enhanced with pollinator hotels, bee baths, walkways, rain barrels, seating, and more. 

Types of Pollinator Spot Habitat Projects (Explore a Few Below)

All Program Funds Support the ButterBee Foundation's Educational Programs

Your Support Enables Us to Provide Programs to Students at NO COST!

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Corporate Gardens

Bring your corporate campus or business location to life with a living Pollinator Habitat Project. Rollup your sleeves and unite your team with hands-on stewardship, as you work together to create and care for a unique space. Clients and visitors will delight in being greeted by powerful pollinators and bee-u-tiful native plants. Your team will thrive from the benefits of regular access to a natural space. Gardens with seating become relaxing and productive work spaces.

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Pollinator Paths

Do you have a trail or walkway or drive that could benefit from some natural enhancement? Reduce the amount of land you have to mow and create an inviting space for pollinators. Visitors will be amazed by the natural beauty your pollinator path brings to their journey as they utilize the path or drive you choose to enhance. Customized signs can be placed along the path to inform visitors of the native plants they are observing, and the types of pollinators they attract.

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School Gardens

Students will be buzzing with excitement as they experience the power of pollinators up close! Enhance your classroom lessons with hands-on experiences. Engage students in active learning and "real science" as they collect data and analyze their observations. Lacking a large school yard, no problem we can work with spaces of all sizes. Contact us to find out about possible grant funding to bring the learning garden of your dreams to life!

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Container Gardens

Don't let limited green space limit your impact on pollinators! Transform your hardscapes, urban areas, rooftops, and more into living surfaces with a unique selection of container gardens chosen to suit your space. These mobile versions of a garden are the perfect option for use in a space that requires flexibility and made need to be rearranged. Their smaller size requires less maintenance, providing a great option for schools, senior centers, and other gardeners that want to make a positive impact on a smaller scale.

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Community Gardens

Strengthen your community and connect residents of every generation with a thriving Pollinator Spot habitat.  Generations of wisdom will be shared and bee-u-tiful memories will be created, as community members of all ages find their place in this shared space. Native plants brighten any community space, and pollinators dazzle observers. Choose a space that holds a special place in the hearts of your community members, and create a natural space for all to thrive.

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Sponsor A Youth Garden 

Play a vital role in uniting powerful pollinators with the next generation of pollinator protectors. The youth of today will one day assume on the responsibility of caring for Earth's powerful pollinators. Educational gardens provide a living classroom where students can learn first hand to care for pollinators, Earth, and each other. Sadly, funding for these crucial spaces is often left out of already strained budgets. Your sponsorship will remove these financial barriers, fostering the necessary connections between youth and the pollinators we rely on.

All Program Funds Support the ButterBee Foundation's Educational Programs

Your Support Enables Us to Provide Programs to Students at NO COST!

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