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Pollinator Pals STEM and Literacy Kits

Knowledge is power, and we intend to share a lot of it!

Literacy and STEM are the foundations of education. They are the building blocks of many successful and rigorous programs. 

ButterBee Foundation's Pollinator Pals programs support these vital skills, while connecting students to vital pollinators. 

Connecting essential academic abilities with topics that are relevant in real-life, provides students with the context needed to construct a deeper connection with the material they are learning. It is through these deep connections that life-long learners are created. These connections become stronger when students are provided with multi-sensory and hands-on experiences. 

ButterBee's mission is to provide educators with the materials needed to provide opportunities for students to explore the wonderful world of pollinators. 

ButterBee Foundation offers two options for educators to participate in our Pollinator Pals STEM and Literacy Program. 

Explore both opportunities below.

ButterBee Foundation's Pollinator Pals STEM and Literacy programs are generously supported through sponsors, donors, and grants.

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