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Meet the Busy Bees That Keep Our Hive Buzzing!


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Co-Founder, Executive Director, and Educator

ButterBee is grown from Danielle's passion for pollinators and dedication to environmental education. A certified teacher with 15 years of experience, Danielle has developed rigorous programs for a variety of educational institutions including Johns Hopkins, public and private schools, as well as community groups, homeschool organizations, and other non-profits. Developing meaningful programs that engage learners and instill a love for all organisms big and small, is Danielle's favorite achievement.



Co-Founder, Assistant Beekeeper, and Woodworker

A very busy bee, Tim is always happy to lend a hand with our programs and projects. His customed designed observation hives keep our bees comfortable while out and about in the community. Tim's expertise in woodworking adds those special touches to our pollinator houses, garden signs, and any other project we send his way. When not in the woodshop, Tim can be found tending the gardens, making sure our hard working bees have a nutritious meal. Whether tending the hives or assisting with a program, Tim is a vital member of our hive.

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Gabe With Bee_edited.jpg


Junior Beekeeper and Program Assistant

One of our mighty pollinator ambassadors, leading the way when it comes to educating the next generation. Gabe is eagerly learning the art of beekeeping, and visits "his girls" daily. During programs Gabe is often found rolling seed balls, and generously sharing his proven techniques for seed ball success.



Junior Beekeeper, Program Assistant and Social Media Intern


A mighty pollinator ambassador, leading the way when it comes to educating the next generation, Izzy is an important part of ButterBee. Izzy knows how to keep busy, whether she is helping with the bees, assisting with a program or sharing her knowledge with the youth that attend our events. Izzy generously lends her creativity and writing skills to our social media and other program materials.

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