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Pollinator Program
Grades Pre K - 2

Growing a generation of Pollinator Protectors begins with the youngest learners. 

Young kids LOVE to help! They feel a strong sense of pride when they take part in something bigger than themselves, like protecting Earth's powerful pollinators.

We introduce pollinators to young learners, creating a lifelong relationship with these amazing organisms. Children of all backgrounds can identify with these small but mighty creatures, and recognize them in their daily life. Young children grow up understanding the vital role pollinators play in maintaining a healthy balance in our ecosystems. As children learn to view these crucial creatures as "bee-u-tiful" friends, they realize they can take action and be part of the solution to some of our biggest environmental challenges.

Plant the seed, and the knowledge will grow for a lifetime!

Our lessons encourage students to...

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Our Program Starts Here!

Below you will find a taste of our program!
This starter lesson includes teacher materials, student activities, evaluation tools, and the correlating standards.  

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Lesson: Are You A Bee?

Introduce young learners to the fuzzy, buzzing pollinators we depend on.
Students will:
learn bee anatomy
explore the parts of an insect
identify the unique characteristics of bees

Click on links below to enjoy this engaging lesson!

Coming Soon!

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