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Pollinator Program
Grades 9-12

Dive deep into the fascinating world of pollinators!

What role has co-evolution played in the lives of plants of pollinators? What is endangering these delicate organisms? What can be done to ensure that pollinators and humans thrive? How have bees and other pollinators contributed to modern science?

Upper elementary students are ready to take action!

At this age, students are more aware of the world around them, and are ready to take a deeper dive into the dynamic world of pollinators. They are curious and eager to learn more about the complex lives of these vital creatures. Even more importantly, students in this age group are ready to and able to become advocates for the protection of our mighty pollinators.

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Our Program Starts Here!

Below you will find a taste of our program!
This starter lesson includes teacher materials, student activities, evaluation tools, and the correlating standards.  

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Lesson: Bee-U-Tifully Built

Are all bees the same?
Learn about the unique adaptations that help bees survive in diverse habitats.

Students will:
explore how bees thrive in extreme climates

learn about the characteristics that make species of bees unique
identify the behavioral and structural adaptations that help species pollinate

Click on links below to enjoy this engaging lesson!

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Coming Soon!

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