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Pollinator Program
Grades 6-8

Expand your knowledge of the amazing pollinators we rely on!

Did you know bees use math to communicate with each other? What variables affect monarch migration? Why are species of ladybugs nearing extinction? How are bats and bananas connected?

Middle school students are the perfect age to become advocates within their communities!

Students in grades 6-8 are old enough to speak up and advocate within their community. Taking action to protect pollinators and other organisms will create a sense of pride and confidence in the meaningful impact they can have as they take on the role of environmental steward.

Education and knowledge can lead to great change!

Our lessons encourage students to...

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Our Program Starts Here!

Below you will find a taste of our program!
This starter lesson includes teacher materials, student activities, evaluation tools, and the correlating standards.  

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Lesson: Meet the Natives!

How many native bees can you name? 
In this lesson students will be introduced to the unique world of native bees.

Students will:
compare native bees to honey bees
explore the diverse world of native bees and their habitats
identify various species of native bees and the impact they have on agriculture and ecosystems

Click on links below to enjoy this engaging lesson!

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

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