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Virtual or In-Person Honey Tasting Workshop

Enjoy fresh raw honey while learning about the
bee-u-tiful bees that create it.

Engage your team with a passion for pollinators and the sweetness of nature's healthy treat.

Workshop participants receive fresh honey flights (delivered directly to their door), a variety of tasty honey recipes, and other digital materials to enhance their workshop experience.

In-person workshops include hands-on tabling materials and activities to enhance your team's experience.

Contact us to schedule your workshop today!

Unique Custom Workshops!

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Have an idea for a pollinator focused workshop, let us know! We are happy to customize a workshop for your team or organization. 

Looking for something different, but not quite sure what you want? Reach out! We are "buzzing" with great ideas, and we LOVE to share them!

Nothing unites a team or community better than shared stewardship and fun!

Contact us to schedule your workshop today!

Unite Students & Pollinators

Want to be part of creating a generation that cares for pollinators, the Earth, and each other?

Your generous support of our educational programs ensures that students and communities across the country receive equitable access to meaningful pollinator education. 

We work with learners of all ages to instill a passion for pollinators and build a foundation based on environmental responsibility, philanthropy, and conservation.

Examples of how your team can create a meaningful impact on learners of all ages are listed below.

Sponsor a "Pollinator Place" at a school or community space.

Many schools would be thrilled to have a pollinator space where students can interact with nature first hand, but are limited by budgets. First hand experiences are vital for learners of all ages to  develop a deep understanding of the topics being taught. Unfortunately, many students lack this hands-on access.
Your organization can remove those barriers and bring students and pollinators together in a natural setting.

Fund STEM kits for educators at a school or community organization near you. 

Our kits include hands-on materials that encourage learners of all ages to engage with the environment and remain curious about the world around them. Your team can choose from a variety of materials to tailor a custom kit that suits the needs of your community. Options include supplies to build bee or butterfly houses, craft materials, STEM exploration materials, and more.

Donate to support in person visits to schools, community groups, and local events.

When an observation hive of bees enters a room, the levels of excitement and wonder quickly rise!
With your support our team is able to provide in-person experiences that delight community members of all ages. Our visits provide participants with a wide variety of educational opportunities.
Have a specific event you would like us to attend, let us know.

Contact us to begin supporting learners today!

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