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Seeds That Feed Seed Ball Program for Students

Huge impacts often begin by planting a tiny seed (or seed ball)!

Seed balls combine native seeds with organic soil and natural clay. Everything a seed needs to sprout and feed hardworking pollinators.

Seed balls are a great way for students of all ages to participate in hands-on stewardship. Younger students delight in the process of rolling the materials and forming the seed balls, while older students challenge each other to launching contests. All students are actively engaged in meaningful environmental STEM, and doing their part to feed powerful pollinators.

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Transform Bare Soil

 Many students feel overwhelmed by the issues our Earth is facing. The problems can feel very large, with complicated solutions. Making and planting seed balls empowers students by making them part of the solution. These small acts make a difference, and are often the first steps students take in building a foundation of caring for the environment around them.

ButterBee Foundation's "Seeds that Feed Program" is proud to join the long history of seed ball enthusiasts, promoting natural methods of farming and actionable stewardship.

We are proud to offer educators the opportunity to participate in our Seeds That Feed Program for students!

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Seeds That Feed Kits for Students Include:

A Classroom Kit of Seed Ball Materials (Clay, Soil, Native Seeds)

A Classroom Set of Seed Ball Launching Materials

Signage to Identify an Area Being Transformed by Seed Balls

Educational Materials for Tracking Seed Ball Growth

Seed Ball Measurement and Observation Materials

iNaturalist Seeds That Feed Project Information

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Educators interested in obtaining a seed ball kit for their classroom can complete the form below.

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Seed Ball Measurement and Observation Materials

Let's Get Started, Hungry Pollinators Are Waiting!

Thank you! We look forward to connecting with you.

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