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Pollinator Pals STEM and Literacy Kits 

For Educators

Enhance your pollinator curriculum with a ButterBee Pollinator Pals STEM and Literacy Kit!

Students of all ages benefit from frequent and varied hands-on experiences. The more students interact with pollinators, they greater their appreciation for these amazing and vital creatures will be.

Students of today are the leaders of tomorrow. ButterBee's Pollinator Pals program strives to provide tomorrow's leaders with the information and skills they need to be responsible stewards of pollinators, Earth, and each other.

Information and literacy go a long way to making big bee-u-tiful improvements in the lives of pollinators! We aim to inspire students, families, and educators to take action on behalf of the powerful pollinators feeding their community.

Pollinator Pals STEM and Literacy kits include more than books!
Each kit also includes materials to help students first create a living pollinator space, then explore it and analyze their observations. 

Check out the list below to view what is included in your kit (and how to apply for one)!

Pollinator Pals STEM and Literacy Kits For Educators Include A Variety of the Following:

Pollinator Resource Books Chosen Specifically for Students' Grade Level

Materials to Create an Outdoor Pollinator Space or Window Garden

Seed Ball Materials for a Fun Planting Experience

Materials to Create A Pollinator Water Spot

Native Bee House to Encourage Native Pollinators

Science Materials to Arrange an Exploration Station and Observe Pollinators

Signage Customized to Your Pollinator Space

Standards Aligned Guided Lesson Plans to Enhance Classroom Pollinator Curriculum

Educational Games and Activities Focused on Pollinators

Craft Materials and Directions for a Variety of Pollinator Projects

Full Access to all of ButterBee Foundations Pollinator Curriculum and Educational Materials

**Classrooms within Range of the ButterBee Foundation will receive the opportunity to arrange a visit from our team and bees for a family oriented program.

Complete the Form Below to Apply for a Pollinator Pals Kit For Educators or
to Sponsor a Kit for a Well Deserving Library!

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Let's Start Planning your Workshop!

Thank you! We look forward to connecting with you.

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