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Honey, A Sweet Treat for Any Hive!

offered virtually or in-Person

All Program Funds Support the ButterBee Foundation's Educational Programs

Your Support Enables Us to Provide Programs to Students at NO COST!

Honey is incredibly healthy and happens to "bee" the only substance on Earth that contains all of the components necessary for sustaining life.

How many blooms does a hive of honey bees visit to create 1 pound of honey?

Find out this and more during a ButterBee honey tasting workshop!

ButterBee Foundation's Honey Tasting Workshops offer a unique experience for participants of all ages.

Whether you are looking to unite your corporate team or engage families and community members in a meaningful workshop, ButterBee has the sweet treat you are looking for.

Enjoy tasting fresh honey, while learning about the complex process the bees use to create healthy honey, and exploring the art of beekeeping around the world.

Every participant receives a sampling of fresh honey to enjoy as they take part in interactive activities focused on the busy life of a bee, and the vital role bees play in our agriculture and ecosystems. By the end of the workshop individuals will have gained a new appreciation for these powerful pollinators, and will be ready to action to protect them.

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Explore Our Various Honey Tasting Experiences Below

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Corporate Honey
Tasting Workshop

Have fun with your colleagues! Unite your hive in stewardship and sweet tasty honey. Enhance your lunchbreak or engage your team after work, fresh honey is perfect anytime! Invite families to join and bring the whole hive together. 
The hive that tastes honey together, sticks together!

We welcome businesses to sponsor honey tasting workshops for schools or youth organizations. Give the gift of honey to the next generation of pollinator protectors.

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Community Group Workshops

Bring community members of all ages together to engage in the art of categorizing honey, while learning about the powerful pollinators that dedicate their lives to producing this sweet treat! Community workshops are perfect for community groups of all sizes and shapes. Gather your hive, relax , and learn while participating in lively activities and tasting sweet, fresh honey! 

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Junior Honey Tasting

You are never too young to enjoy tasty honey! Our junior workshops are the perfect size for the classroom, afterschool workshop programs, scouts, 4-H and other youth organizations. Junior honey enthusiasts delight in a healthy (but sweet) treat, and bee-come excited about the role they can play in protecting pollinators. The ButterBee team enjoys sharing the wonders of honey with learners of all ages, creating an age appropriate experience to suit the ages of your class or group.

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Virtual Honey Tasting Workshop

Is your team scattered in different time zones or across multiple continents? Looking for a way to unite your hard working team across the miles? Remote work has opened many doors, but can make it challenging to build a united workplace culture. Virtual honey tastings are the perfect way to bring your geographically diverse team together for a fun and meaningful workshop, that makes a positive impact on students and pollinators.

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Honey Tasting Fundraisers

Looking for a unique way to raise funds for your school or organization? ButterBee Honey Tasting workshops are the perfect alternative to traditional fundraisers. Raise funds for your hive's initiatives and projects, while engaging your supporters in a sweet program. Participants will take pride in not only supporting your organization, but also protecting pollinators and providing students with meaningful STEM programs.

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Sponsor A Youth

Educators crave meaningful, hands-on experiences that get students excited about learning, but often lack the budget necessary to cover the costs associated with programs and workshops. You can remove those budget barriers and bring a STEM based honey exploration to students by choosing to sponsor a school or youth based workshop. 
Contact us to find out how you can promote hands-on environmental STEM for students!

All Program Funds Support the ButterBee Foundation's Educational Programs

Your Support Enables Us to Provide Programs to Students at NO COST!

Contact Us to start planning your workshop TODAY!

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