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"Bee" Inspired this Holiday Season!

Family recipes are a treasure to be shared from one generation to another.
With ButterBee's Thankful for Pollinators Recipe Cards you can honor your family's traditions, and acknowledge the powerful pollinators that brought the tasty treats to your table. 
Create a family heirloom or a class collection to be shared and enjoyed!
Click Below to Print, Share or Use them Digitally!


Every day is the perfect day to spread kindness! Let ButterBee help inspire daily acts of Bee-U-Tiful kindness with our month-long challenge. Each day take part in a different activity that encourages compassion for yourself, your community, and the pollinators we rely on. 

Share the challenges with your friends or complete them as a class to multiply the fun!

_Bee-u-Tiful Acts of Kindness December Challenge_Shared Copy_ButterBee Foundation_2022.png

Creating a meaningful impact is the perfect way to unite a community!

ButterBee proudly partners with a wide variety of community organizations that seek to create meaningful experiences and plant the seeds of stewardship and conservation amongst its residents.

Our community partners include scout troops, YMCA chapters, libraries, community gardens, parks & rec. organizations, and many more.

Community members of all ages take pride in spreading awareness and creating spaces where humans thrive alongside the powerful pollinators that are vital to our ecosystems and agriculture. 

The bonds formed and the initiatives taken last for generations. Often growing into a strong and lasting foundation of environmental responsibility.

We tailor our community programs to meet the goals of the audience we are working with.

Some examples of our community program options include:


Educational Tabling at Events 

We often provide tabling with educational materials, and an observation hive (weather permitting). Participants enjoy a variety of games, crafts and stewardship activities focused on pollinator appreciation.


Unique Workshops and Guided Programs


Looking for a more structured program or workshop, we have a wide range of options! Our programs include honey tasting workshops and interactive lessons on bees or the pollinator of your choice. Program lengths are flexible to fit the structure of your event. Perfect for lunch and learn opportunities or station-based events. Each program actively engages participants and includes the hands-on stewardship activity of your choice. Audiences of all ages delight in the exploration of the wondrous world of pollinators!


Pollinator Habitat Enhancement

From this...

Pollinator Patch 3_edited.png

Communities come in all shapes and sizes, but whether you are located in an urban or rural location one thing is certain...
Pollinators need a space to thrive!
Let us help you create a space that invites pollinators and is enjoyable for the human residents of the community. 
We can work with your team to transform your campus' green space, create container gardens or creatively design a welcoming pollinator patch.
You don't need a large space to feed hungry pollinators! 

To this!

Pollinator Patch 3_edited.png
Final Pollinator Patch Image_edited.png

Contact Us

To invite us to an event, inquire about a program or start planning a pollinator project!

We offer both virtual and in-person opportunities.

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